Electric Cooker Repair Guide

Electric Cooker Repair Guide

Is your electric stove taking too much time to heat up? Do the insides of food remain cold most of the times? Here are some guidelines to direct the repairing of an electric stove at home with a few handy tools. Just remember that since it is an electrical appliance, you need to be extra cautious to prevent getting shocks and take adequate safety precautions for it.

  • Power– The first and foremost thing to check will be the power supply. There should not be any loose connections. Open the plug and fix it again inside to check if it is working now. If the clock is not showing any time, you need to check the outlet. Check the outlet by plugging in another appliance and see if it works. If this one doesn’t work too, then the outlet is faulty and if it does then you need to proceed with checking the stove.
  • Settings– It often happens that some sections of the electric stove work while the other doesn’t. So check each one separately. Set a temperature of 350 ° F and check after 10 minutes to see whether the oven has heated up or not. Turn it off if the result is negative. The broiler should be turned on and checked after ten minutes to see if it is working.
  • Self-cleaning– The stove might become set to the self-cleaning option. Turn off the cleaning cycle and if any manual lock has been turned on, turn it off.
  • Timer– See whether any cooking cycle has been kept on for auto cooking.

If none of these are the reason then there must be something wrong with the thermostat and wiring. Replace both the fuses of the thermostat after taking a look at the working mechanism of it given in the manual. Turn on the oven again, set it at 350 °F and leave it on for 10 minutes to see if it heats.

If one of the burners isn’t heating, the reason could be a bad burner. If in spite of replacing it with a working burner it doesn’t work, then check the socket and the switches. Inspect the socket to check if the prongs are burnt. Check the infinite switch since it might be just sliding and not actually controlling the working of the burner. Remove the back panel to take a closer look at the infinite switch. Test the switch with a multimeter after setting it to RX-1 and if the meter reading remains unchanged then your infinite switch should definitely be replaced.

To prevent any of these from taking place, you need to maintain your machine regularly. Clean the prongs, the burners so that no residue is left. Remnants of cleansing agents seep through the pores and caused damage. Turn the power off when not in use. Also, be careful and shut down all connectivity to power when testing the stove to avoid any accidents unless you need to check the connectivity or heating. If all measures fail, call a professional.


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