Kitchen Backsplash Buying Tips

Kitchen Backsplash Buying Tips

Kitchen backsplashes have now become a style statement for those with uncommon and creative kitchens. This part of the kitchen-stylish used to be taken into account only for securing one’s kitchen from wall-breakage or splattering, but now, it adds an end-to-end theme, and makes the kitchen eye-catching.

Most Used Kitchen Backsplash Material

The kind of material a backsplash is made of plays the foremost role, even one step above the design. Take a look at a few most commonly used materials.


Popular for giving a variety of choices to the buyers, tiles are used the most for backsplashes. They are on a high end in terms of quality, as they are sturdy and long-lasting. They are also considered worth the money as they fall in average price-range, with several returns, like infinite colour-choices, and numerous designs. Their maintenance is slightly careful, as they get easily stained.


This is another tough material for those who wish to install a long-lasting backsplash. Stones also come in variety of options, and give a very natural yet contemporary look to the kitchen. Being highly resistant to breakage, they require very less attention for maintenance.


Laminations are mostly used over another surface, but are great for giving a finishing look to your kitchen. They are durable and are easy to be applied. A lot of laminates could be installed by the buyer without any additional help. Also, their low prices are an add-on.


Metals come in a lot of options, like stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc. and they are picked for being strong and resistant to factors like water, stain, and breakage. Being high on modern styling, they are also lower on the pockets.


For those who wish to get natural, vintage, or modern look to the kitchen, glass makes a rich material for multiple purposes even though, they need careful maintenance, and are also slightly higher in cost.

Tips before buying a kitchen backsplash

Understanding material, design, and seeking professional help to cut the material for fixation does ninety percent of the work you need to do for your new backsplash, but being new to it, here are a few quick-tips you might need to look at before you take your step out.

  1. Determine your personal choice first. Design, style or material of the kitchen backsplash majorly depends upon the kind of personality you wish to give to your kitchen. If you love antiques and traditional look, specify that while buying the material. Getting a tile home and later finding the overall look of the kitchen not just being non-matching with the overall house but also not going well with your personal wish of a kitchen would defeat the purpose.


  1. Not only the backsplash should go with your desire of the kitchen theme, but should also complement the countertop and the cabinets. Despite loving wooden for giving a natural look to the kitchen, if your cabinets are made up of metal, you might have to drop the idea of getting a wooden backsplash, or might have to rework on the cabinets.
  1. For better and complex look, try giving a mixed look to the kitchen. You may look at getting two complementary materials home for designing them in a way that it doesn’t look monotonous and gives a jazzy look too. It’s in trend to mix and match with the backsplashes.
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