Kitchen Tap Buying Guide

Kitchen Tap/Faucet Buying Guide

While buying a faucet for the kitchen, small things make a huge difference. There are a lot of options in faucets to pick from. With the changes in trend, new types of material and designs have been added to the options of faucets, hence, it’s a smart move to take a look at the quick tips we have compiled.

Quick Tips

  • Sink and faucet combination is often preferred to be bought together due to the fact that their being complementary in various aspects to each other is very important. Nonetheless, if you are buying only a faucet, you will have to look at what you already have in place, i.e. the type of the sink. First thing you need to look at is the number of holes you have on the sink. The holes which are already present might be easy to cover, but adding more holes as per the new faucet is difficult. Also, if the size of the faucet is too short as compared to the sink, it might not be able to reach most of the surface.


  • Look at the number of handles you require. This is not really dependent upon the number of holes present on the sink, because multiple handles could be fixed to one hole as well. As there are lot of options in handles, there could be anything picked between one, two, or many, entirely on the basis of personal preference.

  • Looking at the overall budget is another imperative step to look at. A faucet is used on a daily basis for multiple times, and therefore the budget could be overlooked for a second keeping the fact in mind that the faucet’s maintenance might anyways add costs, if bought cheap.


  • Take a deeper look at your sink and keep a measure of the total length between the bottom surface and the topmost edge. This is important to be recorded so that you buy a faucet which gives appropriate space to the cleaning. If you pick a faucet which is too high from the surface, the water would splash all around, while on the contrary, if you buy a faucet which is too low, you would not get enough room for cleaning the dishes.


  • Test the functioning of the faucet before you buy it finally. Move the handles, levers and sprayers to ensure that nothing gets stuck at any point. Also, ensure that being smooth in functioning doesn’t mean being loose. If it’s too tight to move it would get stuck at points, while if it is too loose it might come out, requiring you to fix it.
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