Types of Kitchen Backsplash

Types of Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are no more just a piece of elementary tile fixed at the back of your stove or under the chimney, but has become part of the personality. The color-scheme chosen for the backsplash decide the entire look and feel of the kitchen. Picking funky or antique tiles, anything you pick, the kitchen would get the contemporary or vintage look accordingly. While designing the kitchen, putting a backsplash might come to be the last step, but until then your kitchen won’t really get a creative identity of its own. For that reason, we have brought some details you absolutely need to know, in order to get the most suitable kitchen backsplash home.

What is a kitchen backsplash?

If you heard the word ‘backsplash’ in a discussion but weren’t sure of what it is, a kitchen backsplash is the surface above the floor-cabinets and under the roof-cabinets. The long and horizontal surface on the wall behind your stove is the backsplash we would focus upon. All you need to know about a kitchen backsplash is:

  • Different types of backsplashes
  • Most common material used in making backsplashes

Different types of kitchen backsplashes


Tiles make the most of kitchen-designs. As tiles come in various options, the buyers get a lot of options to pick from. Also, installing tiles for backsplashes is considered to be easier than most of the other options. For complex designs, professional help could be taken as well. Tiles are used the most for also being water-resistant, durable, and easy to be cleaned.


Looking for a modern-looking but inexpensive backsplash? Stainless steel is one among the topmost options to this genre. It is easy to be installed, and could be shaped up as per the buyer’s choice for the backsplash look. Although, cutting the stainless steel to desirable shape and size would be something you need to call a professional home.


Style and uncommon look is what makes glass another desirable style for backsplashes. Glass is easy to clean, and easily add dramatic angle to your kitchen with its glistening brightness. Cutting glass is a work for professionals, but after getting it cut in a desired shape and seeing it fit, the kitchen would be in an altogether exclusive shape. In most cases, the glass is fixed on another painted design to retain the color scheme of the kitchen.

Knowing about the basic styles of kitchen backsplashes used in most of the kitchens, you are close to being set to get home your new design. Your kitchen-revamp simply needs one more block of information to be fit, i.e. what material is used most. Until you know about the material used for making most of the kitchen backsplashes, styles alone won’t help. Get your material and design, pull a professional home, and your new kitchen is just a few steps away!

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