Types of Kitchen Countertops

Types of Kitchen Countertops

From cooking, family gathering, entertainment, to relaxing, kitchen is a hub for significant activity at home. The overall look of the kitchen emits an experience, which is further reflected to cooking and the mood of the people living in the house. The look of the kitchen starts from an attractive countertop; hence, keeping that in mind we have compiled some relevant information for a naive to understand how he/she can make a great change to the kitchen by getting installed the perfect kitchen countertop.

First few things that you need to keep in mind are:

  1. Function of the countertop in your kitchen
  2. Design you wish to see
  3. Budget you have


After you have decided the material of making the kitchen countertop contribute. Below is some most used material for making kitchen countertops:


Popular for its durability, granite possesses high level of resistance to scratches, heat and staining. Granite is counted among the most natural material, and is available in a lot of color shades. Also, added to the colors, the homeowners get several patterns in granite to pick from. On a standard basis, granite is used in one and a half inch slab, which looks sufficient enough for ideal kitchens. Thicker the granite more is the cost of it.


The very first feature of wood is that it gets more beautiful as the time passes. For getting a convenient wood for kitchen, three to six inches of wood works great. Also, the homeowners get to pick from face grain, edge grain, and end grain in terms of grain patterns on the wood. Maintenance of wood is also easy and could be cleaned with a regular wet cloth.


This melamine-plastic layer covers the surface of the kitchen countertop, and gives an edgy look to any material it tops. It fits normal price-budgets and is heat-sensitive. They need to be kept away from heat and therefore one can’t count them in the list of very hardy kitchen countertops.


Known to be smooth and hardy, concrete is among the most used material for making kitchen countertops nowadays. The blend of cement, stone, sand and water with bindingĀ fibersĀ makes it a long-lasting counterpart choice. One and a half inch of concrete slab is good enough for any ideal kitchen, and a homeowner can pick between standard concrete or return concrete. In most cases, concrete has a glossy finish, and maintenance is easy, and could be done by wiping the surface off with a simple wet cloth.


This heat and stain resistant material is also overall popular for its feature of being non-porous and hygienic. Despite of being strong, the users need to ensure that no heavy objects are dropped on steel countertop.


There are made up of recycled material and used popularly for commercial purposes due to the smooth look they have and the ease of working they give. Professional cooks prefer composite countertops. Composite countertops come in various color options, like brown, yellow, red and black. An important feature of composites is that they are food-safe. Their installations are custom done, and are on the slightly higher notch of the price-budgets.

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